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HC Q study #133
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Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis study (treated before exposed to the virus)
Abella et al., JAMA Internal Medicine, doi:doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2020.6319 (Peer Reviewed)
Efficacy and Safety of Hydroxych loroquine vs Placebo for Pre-exposure SARS-CoV-2 Prophylaxis Among Health Care Workers
Very small early-terminated underpowered PrEP RCT with 64/61 HC Q/control patients and only 8 infections, HC Q infection rate 6.3% versus control 6.6%, RR 0.95 [0.25 - 3.64].
There was no hospitalization or death, no significant difference in QTc, no severe adverse events, no cardiac events (e.g., syncope and arrhythmias) observed. Medication adherence was 81%. Therapeutic levels of HC Q may not have been reached by the time of the infection in the first week.
2 infections were reported to be after discontinuation of the medication, but the authors do not specify which arm these were in. Hypothetically, if these were both in the HC Q arm, the resulting RR for treatment would be much lower.
COVID-19 case, ↓5.0%, p=1.00
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