COVID-19 Treatment Analysis
Countries based on HC
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COVID-19 age-adjusted deaths per million for countries that use widespread early treatment with HC
Q vs. countries where opinion tends to be negative.
The COVID-19 death rate varies by about 4 orders of magnitude depending on age, and the age distribution varies greatly between countries, so deaths are normalized according to the relative population distributions, with France (the oldest population here) as the base. All countries except France show a higher than actual deaths per million - an estimate of deaths if the country's age distribution was the same as France.
Deaths per million data is from Age distribution per country is from the United Nations. IFR estimates based on age are from Verity et al., Lancet Infect. Dis., 2020, doi:10.1016/S1473-3099(20)30243-7. A more detailed version of this analysis is coming soon.
We don't know how many people will get COVID-19 in the future, but based on deaths to date, a treatment which is x% effective could have saved:

10% effective could have saved lives.
25% effective could have saved lives.
50% effective could have saved lives.
75% effective could have saved lives.
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