HC Q study #91
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Late treatment study
Fried et al., Clinical Infectious Disease, doi:10.1093/cid/ciaa1268 (Peer Reviewed)
Patient Characteristics and Outcomes of 11,721 Patients with COVID19 Hospitalized Across the United States
Database analysis of 11,721 hospitalized patients, 4,232 on HC Q. Strong evidence for confounding by indication and compassionate use of HC Q. 24.9% of HC Q patients were on mechanical ventilation versus 12.2% control. Ventilation mortality was 70.5% versus 11.6%.
This study does not adjust for the differences in comorbid conditions and disease severity, and therefore does not make a conclusion. Unadjusted HC Q mortality was 24.8% versus control 19.6%. Adjusting for ventilation only gives us 17.7% HC Q versus 19.6% control (adjusting the HC Q group to have the same proportion of ventilation patients), RR 0.90. Hopefully authors can do a full adjustment analysis. Comorbidities may favor control, while patients remaining in the hospital (5.3%) may favor HC Q (other studies show faster resolution for HC Q patients).
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