HC Q study #95
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Late treatment study
Furtado et al., The Lancet, doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(20)31862-6 (Peer Reviewed)
Azithromycin in addition to standard of care versus standard of care alone in the treatment of patients admitted to the hospital with severe COVID-19 in Brazil (COALITION II): a randomised clinical trial
Small RCT comparing the addition of AZ for very late stage patients on ventilation or oxygen. No significant difference was found, OR 1.36, p=0.11. One notable result is that even within this extremely late stage population, results suggest increased efficacy with the addition of AZ for patients with earlier use of AZ/HC Q, OR 0.71, p=0.28.
Since all patients were on HC Q, this study does not provide information on the efficacy of HC Q.
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