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HCQ study #214 of 237
12/16 Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis study (treated before exposed to the virus)
Gönenli et al., Research Square, doi:0.21203/ (Preprint)
Prophylactic use of Hydroxychloroquine among Physicians working in Pandemic Hospitals
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Small prophylaxis survey showing lower, but not statistically significant, progression to pneumonia (3 of 148 HCQ, 12 of 416 control), RR 0.70, p = 0.77. There was a higher incidence of cases with HCQ, OR 1.19, p = 0.58, which may be due to survey bias, treatment self-selection, and inconsistent regimens. Improvement on severity may be related to the much higher HCQ concentration in lung tissue, and also reflect that binary PCR does not distinguish replication-competence. Details of the pneumonia numbers for treatment/control are from the author.

Gönenli et al., 12/16/2020, retrospective, Turkey, Middle East, preprint, survey, 4 authors.
risk of pneumonia, 29.7% lower, RR 0.70, p = 0.77, treatment 3 of 148 (2.0%), control 12 of 416 (2.9%).
risk of COVID-19 case, 18.9% higher, RR 1.19, p = 0.58, treatment 8 of 148 (5.4%), control 20 of 416 (4.8%), odds ratio converted to relative risk.
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