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HCQ study #86 of 230
7/15 Late treatment study
Gupta et al., JAMA Intern. Med., doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2020.3596 (Peer Reviewed)
Factors Associated With Death in Critically Ill Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019 in the US
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Analysis of 2215 intensive care unit patients showing no significant differences with this very late stage use of HCQ. HCQ+AZ mortality relative risk RR 0.96, p=0.53, HCQ and HCQ+AZ combined RR 1.06, p=0.409.

Gupta et al., 7/15/2020, retrospective, USA, North America, peer-reviewed, baseline oxygen requirements 87.1%, 34 authors.
risk of death, 6.0% higher, RR 1.06, p = 0.41, treatment 631 of 1761 (35.8%), control 153 of 454 (33.7%).
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