HC Q study #67
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Early treatment study
Hong et al., Infect. Chemother., 2020, 52:e43 (Peer Reviewed)
Early Hydroxych loroquine Administration for Rapid Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Eradication
HC Q 1-4 days from diagnosis was the only protective factor against prolonged viral shedding found, OR 0.111, p=0.001. 57.1% viral clearance with 1-4 days delay vs. 22.9% for 5+ days delayed treatment. Authors report that early administration of HC Q significantly ameliorates inflammatory cytokine secretion and that COVID-19 patients should be administrated HC Q as soon as possible. 42 patients with HC Q 1-4 days from diagnosis, 48 with HC Q 5+ days from diagnosis.
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