HC Q meta analysis
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Post Exposure Prophylaxis study (treated after exposure to the virus)
Watanabe, M., arXiv.org, arXiv:2007.09477 (Preprint) (meta analysis - not included in the study count)
Efficacy of Hydroxych loroquine as Prophylaxis for Covid-19
Secondary analysis of Boulware et al.'s PEP trial and treatment delay-response data, confirming that HC Q is effective when used early, p<0.01.
The effectiveness found is especially notable considering the limitations of the study. Treatment was relatively late, with enrollment up to 4 days after exposure, and an unspecified shipping delay. While the paper does not provide shipping details, the study protocol gives some detail allowing us to estimate the treatment delay as ~70 to 140 hours after exposure on average for the 1-4 days since enrollment specified in the paper (we will update this when authors respond to our request for details). There was only 75% medication adherence, including 16% who did not take the medication at all. The study relies on Internet surveys. Meta studies are not included in the percentages or study count.
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