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HC Q study #138
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Late treatment study
DISCOVERY Trial (Preprint)
DISCOVERY Trial Preliminary Results
Early terminated DISCOVERY trial shows improvements in mortality and day 29 7-point ordinal scale with HC Q.
Mortality improvements are seen at both day 15 and day 29 in the graph. Details are not given but based on measuring the pixels on the graph, we estimate 13/150 treatment deaths and 19/151 control deaths, RR 0.69, p=0.35. If this trend continues, statistical significance will be reached after about 1,000 patients (3,100 patients were planned but the interim results have only 150 HC Q and 151 control patients).
7-point scale OR 0.83 [0.55-1.27], p = 0.395, not statistically significant with the small number of patients.
Trial details: [1]. Results are reported with OR>1 favoring treatment, we have converted to OR<1 favoring treatment.
Compared to RECOVERY and SOLIDARITY, the dosage used here is much lower.
death, ↓31.1%, p=0.35, 29 day mortality estimated from graph
7-point scale status, ↓17.0%, p=0.40
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