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HC Q study #86
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Late treatment study
McGrail et al., medRxiv, doi:10.1101/2020.07.17.20156521 (Preprint)
COVID-19 Case Series at UnityPoint Health St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, IA
HC Q+AZ early in the epidemic had a fairly good success rate with few complications, 86% of HC Q patients survived and 92% of HC Q+AZ patients. Patients not receiving either had 93% survival but were not considered comparable because the treated groups were significantly more ill (100% hypoxic at admission vs. 59%) and this study does not adjust for the differences.
Transition from an early intubation strategy to aggressive utilization of high flow nasal cannula and noninvasive ventilation (i.e, BiPAP) was successful in freeing up ICU resources.
death, ↑70.0%, p=0.69
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